10 Signs You Have The Haps!

Mentally Healthy Happy Person Syndrome (HaPS)
Generally characterized by a pervasive and persistent pattern of positive cognition’s and attitudes; a solid sense of self; stability and calmness in stressful situations; often serving to help others, as indicated by meeting seven or more of the following criteria:
421369_10150571410197143_585650946_n1. Practices universal self acceptance, does not tie personal value to external factors including material objects, or the opinions of others.
2. Demonstrates humility, a natural offshoot of gratitude, never being self important, judgmental or thinking less of others.
3. Displays Self Identity Constancy, being the same person at work, home, play or generally within differing social groups (not chameleon-like).
4. Has the ability to be alone, while not being anti-social; can enjoy quiet time without distraction or interaction with others. May be seen meditating.
5. Able to accept criticism, evaluate it and process it appropriately.
6. Demonstrates emotional regulation skills, never denying or suppressing emotions, but mastering what is taking place within their own body and selecting the appropriate expression of those emotions, us10including basking in positive feelings.
7. Features a tolerance for uncertainty, setting intentions and goals but not trying to totally control all outcomes, situations or the opinions of others.
8. Engages in proactive problem solving versus letting issues fester.
9. Cannot tell a lie.
10. Has a sense of humor about life and themselves; often seen laughing, dancing, playing.
Now, get the HaPS!

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