Love Tea #7

I think I found heaven. I really do. Last night, I went into a lovely tea place, Davids Tea. They have tons of loose leaf tea, tea accessories, pretty much all things tea related. In other words, my kind of store. I was looking for a new tea that could both satisfy my sweet tooth, and sooth my soul. I know, I’m asking for alot. But I’m ambitious that way. Well, the poor girl who offered to help me, didn’t realize what she was getting into when she first uttered the words “Hi there, can I help you find something?”. I made her her bring me so many tins of tea to smell. I said “I’m so sorry… but you can put that back and maybe can I try that one…” too many times to count. Then, it happened. I found heaven.


Love Tea #7

Love Tea #7

Love Tea #7. That’s what euphoria is called. Ok, I may be over exaggerating. But really, the tea I found is truly wonderful. It smelled of chocolate, roses & strawberries & that’s exactly what it tastes like. It’s a sexy, sweet, delicious and yummy tea that has quickly become my new favorite. My soy latte this morning didn’t know what hit it.


I bought another one is called Vanilla Orchid, which I have yet to try but believe me, I am just as excited for that one. It’s funny too, because both teas I bought are described on their website as aphrodisiacs. Oooh la la. Wink.

So thank you. Thank you Davids Tea. And thank you lady who put up with me for at least 20 minutes, while I sniffed away at countless tins of tea. I found my new favorite treat.


Love Tea #7





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