Hey There, Cookie. (Wink)

Normally, I like to bake my own delicious treats. I would much rather do that than buy packaged biscuits and muffins. However, my oven is broken. I know, right? It’s a terrible situation. But, I recently discovered something! Something lovely.

I went to my local organic food store and found some fancy cookies that were both vegan AND gluten free! I think I actually gasped in the middle of the aisle. And there were so many choices in flavors. I was a little skeptical, as they just seemed to good to be true, but I lived a little and picked up a few boxes of the flavors I wanted to try.

Dr. Lucy's Cookies

Dr. Lucy’s Cookies

These cookies are amazing. And they meet my dietary annoyances :p Win-Win.

I’ll attach links to all of them and I suggest you go out and get yourself a box. You won’t be sowwie!



Dr. Lucy’s Cookies

GoGo Quinoa

Mary’s Love Cookies

GoGo Quinoa Cookies

GoGo Quinoa Cookies


GoGo Quinoa Cookies

GoGo Quinoa Cookies


Mary's Cookies

Mary’s Cookies


6 thoughts on “Hey There, Cookie. (Wink)

    • They are SO yummy. I highly recommend them 🙂 They can be crushed on top of coconut milk ice cream, dipped in a nice cup of tea or just eaten right out of the box 🙂 I loves them. And they aren’t too sugary, which is a great bonus.

  1. Ive tried to Gogo Quinoa chocolate chip cookies and theyre sooooooo delicious i thought they were too good to be true. Im looking to see if they are actually what they claim to be. I was iffy about quinoa being in it cause of the various tastes when its cooked. But these cookies taste soooo good possibly even better than regular cookies.

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