Worlds Best Cashew Cookies

I found THE most amazing cookies I think I’ve ever tasted. No joke guys, I’m for seriously serious.

I was in Planet Organic the other day, looking for a treat to have. That same day was my siblings birthday dinner with my family, and I knew they’d all be cutting into cake so I wanted a little something I could enjoy as well.

The company that makes them is called “Sweets From The Earth” and the treats are the Flourless Cashew Cookies!

These cookies melt in your mouth and are such a joy to devour! They are like the peanut butter cookies Mommy used to make, only better! (Shhh! Don’t tell anyone I said that. But it’s kinda true.) Best part about this company is that they are vegan, organic and gluten free!



I HIGHLY recommend these. I even wrote the company to tell them how amazing they were! I got a lovely email back actually, which read:

“Hi Becky,

 Thank you so very much for your email! We are always happy to hear from a satisfied customer.

 We pride ourselves on making delicious, quality products for people with various dietary limitations. It fills us with great joy to hear how much you enjoy our treats! We just launched a new gluten free product, the Hello Dolly. Be sure to try it; I am sure you will love it as much as we do!

 Thank you again for your email, Becky. Have a wonderful Sunday!

 Kind Regards,


So again, I highly recommend these treats. You won’t be disappointed 😉





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